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2015 Starts With a Welcome Surprise in Mortgage Rates

Dawn Owen | February 2, 2015
One year ago, economists predicted that mortgage rates would top 5 percent by the start of 2015. Instead, rates plunged last year and opened 2015 with 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages at the lowest level in 20 months, a development potential h...

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Another Bear Turns Bullish In Real Estate

lisasheppard | January 25, 2012
  Two weeks ago, we posted When the Prophet Says Buy – BUY! In that post, we explained that a major bear on housing, John R. Talbott, is now bullish on the real estate market. Last week, another bear turned bull. Chris Thornberg, a former ...

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4 Real Estate Trends to Look For in 2012

lisasheppard | January 3, 2012
Predicting trends during the most volatile housing market in American real estate history is no easy task. We strongly believe these are the five real estate items we should keep an eye on in 2012: 1. Buyers Will Return In 2011, a lack of consu...

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5 Top Real Estate Stories in 2011

lisasheppard | January 2, 2012
In 2011, we experienced one of the most volatile housing markets in American real estate history. Things we never anticipated happened. Events we were sure would take place didn’t. Today, we want to review the five headlines we think had the ...

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NAR’s Sales Count: Not News and Not Really Important

lisasheppard | December 19, 2011
CoreLogic Blasts NAR for Overstating Home Sales” If you looked at this headline from a recent UPI article, you would think that CoreLogic attacked the National Association of Realtors (NAR) for purposely misleading the public regarding the r...

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The Wealthy Are Also Defaulting on Their Mortgages

lisasheppard | November 30, 2011
There are many who believe that mortgage delinquencies in their region are concentrated in the middle-to-lower income neighborhoods. Actually, the research shows the number of delinquencies in the higher priced sections currently exceeding the ...

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The PRICE Is the Same, But the COST Is Less

lisasheppard | November 16, 2011
There is more and more research coming out showing that it makes great financial sense to purchase a home today . Whether it be rent vs. buy ratios, income-to-price ratios or income-to-mortgage payment ratios, purchasing a home right now is a b...

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