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Archive for June 16, 2014

Coming in 2015: No-Surprise Mortgage Closings

lisasheppard | June 16, 2014
New mortgage guidelines, set to take effect in August 2015, will prohibit lenders from making last-minute changes to closing documents such as imposing a higher interest rate, changing the loan product, or adding a prepayment penalty to the ...

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Pacific Union’s May 2014 Real Estate Update

lisasheppard | June 12, 2014
SONOMA COUNTY After declining from March to April, the median sales price in our Sonoma County region headed back up toward the half-million dollar mark, to finish May at $486,000. Sellers took home nearly 99 percent of asking prices, the most ...

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Transform Your Backyard Into a Stellar Entertaining Space

lisasheppard | June 12, 2014
The backyard has become an extension of a home’s living space, with landscaped patios and outdoor kitchens that put a charcoal grill to shame. And if you’re looking to sell, staging a home’s backyard is a great way to set your listing a...

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Real Estate Roundup: Bay Area Inventory on the Upswing

lisasheppard | June 3, 2014
Recent news of interest to homebuyers, home sellers, and the home-curious includes two nuggets that Bay Area shoppers are sure to relish: Inventory expanded in San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco in April, while mortgage rates recently dippe...

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Curb Appeal Starts With a Smartly Painted Home

lisasheppard | June 2, 2014
An attractively painted home will catch the eye of a prospective buyer before anything else. But whether you hire professionals or tackle the job yourself, an exterior paint job requires plenty of forethought, from color selection to type of ...

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