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Archive for July 29, 2011

Mark Your Calendars for the 2nd ANNUAL VINTANA GARAGE SALE!

lisasheppard | July 28, 2011
The date for the 2nd ANNUAL VINTANA GARAGE SALE EXTRAVAGANZA has been officially set for Sept 10th and 11th, 2011.   Please mark your calendars!   Last year was a total success, we had over 30 families participate!   Mark your calendars!! I...

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Should YOU Be Locking Your Loans?

lisasheppard | July 28, 2011
Should you lock in the  interest rate on your mortgage? A couple of things to consider:1. While I am confident that the Debt Ceiling Debate will be settled (whether it™s for six months or a year), my greater concern is the growing belief tha...

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Thank Goodness I Didn’t Buy Gold At $400 An Ounce….

lisasheppard | July 27, 2011
We hope that headline grabbed you. The reason we used it was to bring some perspective to the debate as to whether or not homeownership is a wise investment in today™s troubled market. A family should never look at the purchase of a home simp...

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Distressed Sale Properties….Down, but NOT Out……

lisasheppard | July 26, 2011
There has been much written about the falling inventories of distressed properties in many market places. Some have looked at the decreasing percentage of distressed property sales reported by the National Association of Realtors over the last ...

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Assets and Your Mortgage Application

lisasheppard | July 21, 2011
When lenders evaluate mortgage borrowers, they look at four things: income (the ability to repay), credit (the willingness to repay), collateral (appraised value and property condition) and assets (cash in the deal and cash reserves after closi...

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Harmful Effects In Changing The List Price?

lisasheppard | July 20, 2011
Are there any negative effects from changing the listing price of a property?   This question haunts Brokers/Agents as well as sellers of property every day.   At present, there does not seem to be a consensus answer to this question within t...

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Selling Your House? Waiting May Not Make Sense…..

lisasheppard | July 18, 2011
There have been some bright spots in the residential real estate market over the last couple of months. Several price indices have reported a stabilization of prices and some regions have even shown small levels of appreciation. This has led so...

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