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Archive for February 29, 2016

When Will Housing Inventory Shortages Finally End?

lisasheppard | February 23, 2016
While the economy has improved over the last few years, the housing market is still experiencing inventory shortages.   Unsold inventory is at a 3.9-month supply at the current sales pace, down from 5.1 months in November and the lowest si...

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Sonoma County Median Home Price Hits $555,000

lisasheppard | February 18, 2016
Sonoma County’s median home price hit $555,000 in January 2016, the highest price since 2006.  This represents a nearly 16 percent increase from a year earlier and is the highest for any month since March 2007, when it ...

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45% of Non-Homeowners Say Finances Keep Them From Buying

lisasheppard | February 12, 2016
Why do nearly half of all non-homeowners say that their financial situation is preventing them from buying a home? A new report from Bankrate showed that nearly 30% of all non-homeowners say they cannot afford a home, despite only needin...

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Foreclosures Fall to Lowest Level Since 2006

lisasheppard | February 10, 2016
Good news on the economic front and a sign that the recovery from the housing crisis is ongoing, the total number of foreclosures in 2015 was the lowest number since 2006, a new report from Core Logic shows. To read more, Click Here.

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How Has Buying a Home Changed Since Your Parents’ Time?

lisasheppard | February 2, 2016
Older millenials are the largest group of first-time buyers and are transforming the market. But exactly how much have things changed, really? What are the differences between the choices made by your parents versus the choices being ma...

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