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Spring into Home Maintenance

lisasheppard | March 8, 2024
As the vibrant colors of spring start to bloom, it's the perfect time to rejuvenate and brighten up your home interior and refresh the exterior to enhance your property's appeal. Landscape Refresh: Take advantage of the mild spring wea...

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Unlocking the Autumn Advantage: Selling Your Home in the Fall

lisasheppard | September 29, 2023
As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, homeowners often contemplate whether fall is the right season to put their homes on the market. While spring and summer traditionally dominate the real estate scene, the autumn months o...

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Top Renovations and Improvements to Increase Home Value

lisasheppard | March 24, 2023
Whether you're investing in real estate or a homeowner looking to make improvements to your home, it's wise to know which renovations will deliver the highest return on your investment down the line. Here are some of the top improvements...

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Etiquette Tips for Being an Awesome Neighbor

lisasheppard | May 2, 2022
Communities work better (crime rates are lower, kids are safer, people live longer) when neighbors respect and take time to get to know one another better. Some of the common tenants of being a good neighbor are: Maintain your prope...

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Top Luxury Home Amenities for 2022

lisasheppard | January 25, 2022
The frenzied purchasing that happened during the Covid pandemic has driven up not only home prices, but buyer expectations. What used to be considered an upgrade is now an expectation. Luxury home buyers want top-notch amenities suitable to...

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Top Features Buyers Want in a Smart Home

lisasheppard | December 16, 2021
Today's tech-saavy homebuyers are looking for homes with smart technology features that are seamlessly integrated into the home's design and that will make daily living more effortless, secure and eco-friendly. Here are the most sought-a...

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Intense Competition Wanes in Sonoma County Housing Market

lisasheppard | October 31, 2021
The frenzied buying, cash deals and bidding wars is waning as buyers slow down, making house hunting a lot less stressful for potential homebuyers. It’s been more than a year since the housing market took off in the Summer of 2020, and...

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