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Archive for June 30, 2011

Have We Forgotten Something?

lisasheppard | June 30, 2011
Over the past few weeks and months, the media,   so-called experts and most of our friends and relatives seemed to have almost soured  on buying a home at this time. With fear of a fragile economy and high unemployment rates, who can argue wi...

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Housing Market Casting A Smaller Shawdow

lisasheppard | June 29, 2011
The inventory of future short sales and foreclosures which will be coming to the market is known as ˜shadow inventory™. Future real estate pricing will be determined by the number of these distressed properties which eventually reach the mar...

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House Prices Through 2015

lisasheppard | June 27, 2011
Everyone seems to have an opinion on where home prices are headed. Housing bulls are saying prices may start rebounding as early as later this year. Some housing bears are saying that prices may still drop another 10-15%. What actually is going...

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Are Short Sales Getting Easier?

lisasheppard | June 22, 2011
Short sales (where the lender agrees to accept less than the mortgage amount due on the sale of a property by a seller) have never been easy to complete. We are not suggesting that they now will be easy. However, there is mounting evidence that...

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A Window Of Opportunity For House Sellers

lisasheppard | June 21, 2011
There has been much confusion as to where housing prices are headed. We have actually blogged on the issue recently. Today, we want to give our opinion on this subject for the short term. We believe sellers have a window of opportunity for the ...

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Consumer Confidence: Which Way Is it Headed?

lisasheppard | June 20, 2011
There is no doubt that the housing market and the economy are intertwined. The economy will get better as housing improves. Housing will regain strength as the economy improves. How is the economy actually doing? One measure is the Misery Index...

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Will Falling Values Lead To More Strategic Defaults?

lisasheppard | June 17, 2011
As prices continue to soften, more and more homeowners will fall into a position of negative equity on their homes. This means that the balance on their mortgage is greater than the value of their home. The reason this is important is that peop...

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Is The Economy Worse Than We Think?

lisasheppard | June 16, 2011
We are presented with conflicting data almost daily about the œhealth of the economy. And I am no economist, but I believe that I do possess some common sense.So, here™s what I have been thinking.It is obvious that millions of people are N...

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House Prices Will Continue To Tumble

lisasheppard | June 15, 2011
We have written several blogs recently quoting numerous sources saying now is the time to buy a home. We agree that now is definitely the time to buy. This is NOT because we are calling the bottom for real estate PRICES. What we have said is th...

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Why They Are Saying To Buy A Home Now….

lisasheppard | June 14, 2011
Despite what appears to be a non-stop wave of tough news regarding real estate, four major media players have come out this month with the same advice: It Is Time to Buy a Home! Here are the four articles and a breakdown as to why the advice ma...

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