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Archive for July 31, 2013

Pacific Union Quarterly Report: Q2 2013

lisasheppard | July 31, 2013
The Bay Area's white-hot housing market showed few signs of cooling in the second quarter, leading us to believe that the momentum we've seen in 2013 will continue building during the second half of the year. Pacific Union's comprehensive qua...

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The Rise of the All-Cash Offer

lisasheppard | July 25, 2013
The saying "cash is king" rings true in today's Bay Area real estate market, where all-cash offers account for nearly 40 percent of transactions in some regions. Find out why all-cash offers are so seductive to sellers and how financed buyers...

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The Bay Area’s Most Walkable Locations for Homebuyers

lisasheppard | July 23, 2013
Want to get exercise, save gas money, and help the environment all at once? Buying a home in a walkable neighborhood offers all of these perks. Find out which regions of the Bay Area are best for pedestrians. Click Here to read more.  

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The Pros and Cons of Buying a Home with a Swimming Pool

lisasheppard | July 21, 2013
With summer in full swing, owning a home with a pool is a tempting proposition, but it might not make sense for all buyers. Here are some points to consider before springing for a home with this classic backyard feature. To read more, Click ...

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California’s Economy Poised to Pass Italy, Russia

lisasheppard | July 18, 2013
Just how strong is California’s economic recovery? Strong enough that the state will pull past Italy and Russia by the end of 2013 to stand alone as the eighth-largest economy in the world. To read more, Click Here.

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Fannie Mae: Rising Interest Rates May Spur Buyers

lisasheppard | July 15, 2013
Instead of putting a damper on sales, the prospect of rising interest rates will likely drive homebuyers to make a deal sooner rather than later, making for a busy summer and fall. In its latest monthly housing survey, Fannie Mae said 57 per...

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