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Archive for July 26, 2016

Sonoma County Median Home Prices Hit $600,000

lisasheppard | July 15, 2016
Sonoma County's housing market hit another milestone in June -- the county's median home price reached $600,000.  Just a few months back, the median price was $579,000, but home prices in Sonoma County continue to trend upwards.  The new ...

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Sonoma County Home Prices Up 9.5% in May, CoreLogic Reports

lisasheppard | July 13, 2016
Sonoma County home prices jumped another 9.5% from last year, which was significantly higher than both the 5.95 jump in home prices for the nation and the 6.3% increase for California home prices. This is great news for homeowners looking t...

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Sonoma County Condo Listings, Prices Rise

lisasheppard | July 8, 2016
New listings of condos have increased 8 percent this year and are at their highest level since 2011.  Median prices are now at $324,000, which represents a 4% increase from last year. With ever increasing home prices in Sonoma County, ...

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Sonoma County Housing Ranks 10th Least Affordable

lisasheppard | July 6, 2016
Sonoma County has ranked the 10th least affordable county in the nation when it comes to home prices. This does not come as a surprise to the many families living in the county, as well as those that are trying to buy a home in Sonoma Co...

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