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Archive for September 30, 2013

Bay Area Median Income Second Highest in US

lisasheppard | September 30, 2013
The United States Census Bureau's annual American Community Survey found that the Bay Area boasts the second-largest median income in the country. It's news that can only be good for our already healthy real estate market. To read more, Clic...

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Real Estate Roundup: Homebuilders Keep Busy

lisasheppard | September 25, 2013
Recent news of interest to homebuyers, home sellers, and the home-curious includes a report that construction of new single-family homes is up solidly across the country, with Western states leading the way, and that solar panels are becoming...

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California Home Prices Reach Five-Year Highs

lisasheppard | September 24, 2013
  In August, median sales prices for homes in the state hit their highest levels since late 2007 and are up nearly 30 percent from last year. Not surprisingly, homes in the Bay Area are still much pricier than the California average, as...

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Your Age Helps Determine the Home You Buy

lisasheppard | September 19, 2013
A recent survey found stark differences in the choices made by homebuyers depending on age. Younger buyers, for example, typically choose older homes, and the age of the property declines as age of the buyer increases. To read more, Click ...

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Pacific Union’s August Real Estate Update

lisasheppard | September 16, 2013
SONOMA COUNTY As was the case in Marin, Sonoma County home prices saw an August drop after attaining yearly peaks in July. The median sales price in the county fell to $440,000, an 8 percent month-over-month slide. That said, prices in Sonoma ...

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Shortage of Lots Will Drive New-Home Prices Even Higher

lisasheppard | September 9, 2013
Are you trying to choose between buying an existing home or a newly constructed one? Look for new-home prices to jump dramatically in the coming months, as homebuilders face a shortage of suitable lots. USA Today reported this week that a S...

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Cigarette Smoke Snuffs Out Higher Home Prices

lisasheppard | September 7, 2013
An April survey of real estate agents in Ontario, Canada, found that long-term cigarette smoking in a home may reduce its resale value by 20 percent, on average. And smokers’ homes are much more difficult to sell. In the survey, commissio...

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