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Post Holiday Self Care: Time to Rest and Rejuvenate

lisasheppard | January 9, 2023

Mindfulness meditation found to relieve the stress of waiting for bad newsThe holi-daze are over and January signifies a return to the routine. If you’re in need of a little TLC this month and/or are suffering the winter blues, take a few minutes out of each day to practice these tips and tricks to replace stress and anxiety with peace and tranquility:

  1. Clean up your diet – add more plant-based foods and eliminate processed foods and sugars
  2. Hydrate – drink plenty of water throughout the day
  3. Exercise – even a short walk will help get the blood flowing and help you feel more energized
  4. Spa Day – turn your bath into a spa and add essential oils, light some candles and sip on a nice cup of tea
  5. Sleep/Naps – let yourself sleep in on the weekend or take a nice nap
  6. Read a good book – not only relaxing but great to do before bedtime
  7. Gardening
  8. Hobbies – set time aside each week for your favorite hobby or dedicate time to finding a new hobby
  9. See a movie or spend the day binge watching your favorite shows/movies
  10. Journaling
  11. Mindfulness/Meditation
  12. Play with your pets
  13. Listen to your favorite music; dance and/or sing away
  14. Connect and spend time with friends & loved ones
  15. Spend time outdoors
  16. Take a hike – Sonoma County has plenty of great trails to enjoy (https://www.sonomanews.com/article/lifestyle/end-of-year-holiday-hikes-in-sonoma-valley/)
  17. Take a social media break or put the phone away for a period of time
  18. Sonoma County getaways
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