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Top Features Buyers Want in a Smart Home

lisasheppard | December 16, 2021

Today’s tech-saavy homebuyers are looking for homes with smart technology features that are seamlessly integrated into the home’s design and that will make daily living more effortless, secure and eco-friendly.

Here are the most sought-after smart technology features:

Security System – the ability to monitor a home while not home offers peace of mind. Smart security systems allow owners to stay in control, prevent theft, protect belongings, and potentially lower home insurance rates.

Voice Control – The ability to activate elements of a home through voice command saves valuable time and effort, providing instant access to the news, weather, and entertainment.

Heating & Cooling – modern heating systems that can be conveniently managed by voice activation or through an app or master control panel, allowing for pre-heating or cooling the home prior to arrival. These systems are eco-friendly and optimize energy use based on need.

Efficient Lighting – energy efficient LED lighting that can be activated by motion, voice, or app, while also providing security when set to turn off and on at random times or with motion detectors that activate when the sensors detect movement.

Modern Kitchen/Appliances – Kitchen technology/smart appliances such as voice activated ovens that can be pre-heated on the way home or adjusted from another room, Wi-Fi enabled refrigerators that provide helpful notifications when ice is low or the door is left open, regulate temperature to keep produce crisp, and keep records of what requires replenishment.

Effortless Entertainment – the ability to streamline devices such as televisions, monitors, displays, and speakers to work in tandem, whether managed via app, voice command, or both, so that audio and video content is synced and accessible in every room.

Spa-Like Bathroom – a modern shower area with features such as controllable water pressure, a built-in thermostat that adjusts the temperature of the water, and even an internet connection to enjoy music while showering. To take it one step further, install floor heating and adjustable lights.

Smart Window Coverings – motorized and smart blinds that can be opened by remote or phone, allowing homeowners to schedule opening and closing. They are not only convenient, but also energy efficient.

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