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Archive for February 2019

Merry Edwards Sells Sebastopol Winery to Champagne Maker

February 23rd, 2019   by lisasheppard

Sonoma County’s acclaimed winemaker, Merry Edwards, has just sold her Sebastopol winery to Champagne Louis Roederer, the French company famous for producing Cristal Champagne.  The deal includes the Merry Edwards brand, winery, inventory and 45 acres of vineyard land.

Roederer currently owns three properties in Mendocino County, in addition to wineries in France and Portugal.  This deal marks their first venture into Sonoma County.

Roederer was most impressed with Merry’s distinguished record with Pinot Noir, a growing interest and focus for the company, as well as the fact that she built her winery from scratch.  Merry was one of the great pioneers that broke through gender barriers and made scientific discoveries that were crucial to the California wine industry.

Merry will continue working at the winery for at least another year during the transition.

Sonoma County’s Sluggish Housing Market…Will It Continue?

February 2nd, 2019   by lisasheppard

With homes staying on the market longer and buyers rejecting over-priced homes, many Sonoma County home sellers are wondering when and if the sluggish housing market will bounce back.

The slowdown started last summer when buyers started losing interest in over-inflated home prices and the post-wildfire frenzy to find a home diminished, driving the median home price to $639,000 at the end of the year, from an all-time record of $700,000 in June 2018.

Many experts feel the market shift/downturn was long overdue because of the large appreciation in home prices over the last few years.  Rising interest rates, trade wars and stock market volatility are affecting are the housing market and causing a shift.

Home sales in November and December decreased to levels not seen in the last eight years, some of that the result of a natural cyclical, seasonal decline. As Spring approaches, it is likely that more sellers will list their homes and home buyers start actively looking for homes and sellers.

Home appreciation is still expected this year, however, at much lower levels than in past years.