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Archive for December 2019

A Growing Trend in California: Fire Resistant Homes

December 24th, 2019   by lisasheppard

With wildfires becoming an increasingly serious issue in California, more and more homeowners are choosing to rebuild their homes with a fire-resistant design and materials, including metal roofs and pre-fabricated steel framing wrapped in non-combustible insulation.

While most of the loss was due to the fires ravaging through the neighborhood, many also lost homes because of traveling embers getting into nooks and crannies, causing homes to burn from the inside.  The non-combustible insulation provides residents time for the fire to move past the home to seek safe refuge.

The state’s guidelines for building in areas that are more fire-susceptible are becoming increasingly strict, and require the use of materials that offer at least one hour of fire resistance, though many are choosing materials that go above and beyond.

Careful thought and planning by homeowners and architects is a step in the right direction. Experts agree,however, that the best way to slow an inferno is clearing all landscaping within 100 feet of your home.