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Archive for July 2015

California Job Growth Outpaces National Rate Since Recession’s End

July 30th, 2015   by lisasheppard


California’s economy is firing on all cylinders, with job gains and the gross state product (GSP) both growing faster than the national rates. In fact, the state’s prosperity may soon lead it past Brazil on the rankings of the world’s largest economies.

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First-Time Buyers’ Toughest Hurdle: The Down Payment

July 30th, 2015   by lisasheppard

Hundred dollar bills

In a recent survey of would-be homebuyers, nearly two-thirds said that they would like to provide a sizable down payment of 20 percent or more, but most were unable to do so. In fact, needing to save money for a down payment was the biggest deterrent to buying a home, especially for millenials.

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Pacific Union Quarterly Report: Q2 2015

July 24th, 2015   by lisasheppard



After a slow first quarter, home sales picked up in Pacific Union’s Sonoma County region during the second quarter. The number of available homes rose above first-quarter levels but still lagged behind totals recorded one year earlier. The tight supply kept buyers scrambling and guaranteed multiple offers for the most attractive homes on the market, helping to drive the median sales price up moderately.

Fewer lower-priced homes were available than in past quarters: The short sales and foreclosures that dominated the market several years ago have all been sold, and price appreciation moved the market higher. Homes selling for $900,000 to $2 million had the highest increase in sales during the second quarter, while the number of homes priced below $400,000 shrunk by almost one-half.

Looking Forward: July and August typically see fewer sales, but we expect real estate activity to once again pick up by mid-September. Sellers will still have the upper hand in the third quarter, but Sonoma County will continue to move toward a more balanced market, and buyers will have increased negotiating room. Home shoppers will be plentiful, spurred by the probability of rising mortgage rates. Sellers who put their homes on the market at a fair price will likely see multiple offers and a quick sale.

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Real Estate Roundup: U.S Foreclosures Drop to Decade Low

July 23rd, 2015   by lisasheppard


Recent news of interest to home buyers, home sellers, and the home-curious: U.S. and California foreclosure starts have reached precession lows, Google’s stock price has climbed to a record high, and mega-basements are all the rage in Silicon Valley.

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Update Your Home-Security Plans, Then Enjoy Your Vacation

July 21st, 2015   by lisasheppard

Lock and key

Going away for an extended trip? Here are 10 common-sense tips to make sure your home is safe and secure while you’re away. Now relax and have fun!

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Real Estate Roundup: Bay Area Buyers Willing to Pay Large Premiums for the Right Neighborhood

July 16th, 2015   by lisasheppard


Recent news of interest to home buyers, home sellers, and the home-curious includes a report that most Bay Area residents are willing to pay nearly 25 percent extra to live in the best neighborhoods. Also, the five least affordable real estate markets for millennial buyers are all located in California, with the Bay Area well represented.

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Survey: Delays to Closings Are Few and Far Between

July 15th, 2015   by lisasheppard

Signing a formal document

It’s a predictable worry among homebuyers: What if there’s a problem at the closing that torpedoes the sales contract?

But worries and reality are two different things. In fact, a recent survey of real estate professionals by the National Association of Realtors found that 90 percent of all sales contracts closed successfully.

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Golden State Real Estate Markets Stay Sizzling in June

July 14th, 2015   by lisasheppard


Demand for homes in California showed no sign of cooling as summer officially began, with three Bay Area cities named among the nation’s five most booming real estate markets.

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Petaluma’s D Street Neighborhood Brims With History and Charm

July 10th, 2015   by lisasheppard


Perhaps best locally known for its concentration of handsome and historic homes, Petaluma’s D Street neighborhood also earns points with Sonoma County homebuyers for its excellent schools and proximity to the city’s thriving downtown.

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California Ranks Fifth in the U.S. for Annual Job Growth in May

July 8th, 2015   by lisasheppard


Although unemployment claims inched up in California and across most of the Bay Area from April to May, the Golden State ranks among the top five in the country for year-over-year job growth. And here in the Bay Area, employment levels are further above their prerecession peaks than anywhere else in the state.

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