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Archive for August 2013

Investors Find Plenty to Like With Real Estate

August 28th, 2013   by lisasheppard

Monopoly houses

California real estate remains an attractive option for investors, who report a 14 percent median rate of return on their investments.

A recent survey by the California Association of Realtors found that two-thirds of investors who worked with real estate professionals said they plan to keep the property for more than a year, while 26 percent intend to flip the property within a year.

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Real Estate Roundup: US Home Prices Approach All-Time Peak

August 27th, 2013   by lisasheppard


Recent news of interest to homebuyers, home sellers, and the home-curious includes data that indicates U.S. home prices are only 7 percent shy of their record highs, set in 2006. In addition, despite California’s robust real estate market, one-third of the state’s owners cannot currently sell their homes.

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Meet the 10 Bay Area Cities With the Hottest Home-Price Gains

August 26th, 2013   by lisasheppard

Illustration of a home sitting atop stacks of money

Median home prices in the entire nine-county Bay Area experienced solid year-over-year increases in July, up 24.2 percent from the same month in 2012. All six counties within Pacific Union’s Bay Area region also saw double-digit price spikes, with Sonoma County seeing price gains of 34.3 percent.

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Pacific Union Named One of Fastest-Growing US Companies

August 22nd, 2013   by lisasheppard


We’re excited to announce that Pacific Union has been included in this year’s Inc. 5000 list, which ranks the fastest-growing companies in the country based on revenue growth. We are the only full-service real estate brokerage in the Bay Area to make the 2013 list.

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As Real Estate Markets Evolve, Buying a Home Takes Longer

August 21st, 2013   by lisasheppard


Buyers today typically mull over thoughts of homeownership for nearly six months before reaching out to a real estate professional for advice. That’s nearly twice as long as one year ago, as buyers react cautiously to today’s real estate environment.

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Real Estate Roundup: Bay Area Sales Volume Reaches Seven-Year High

August 20th, 2013   by lisasheppard

Inventory levels have been rising in the U.S.

Recent news of interest to homebuyers, home sellers, and the home-curious includes a report that more Bay Area homes were sold in July than at any point since 2006. In addition, California markets no longer lead the U.S. in home inventory-level declines.

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Homes Less Affordable Across California but Still a Bargain Compared With 2007

August 19th, 2013   by lisasheppard

Open wallet

A recent home-affordability report shows that prices continue to rise beyond the reach of most Californians, but houses are still a bargain when compared to six years ago, when only 11 percent of the state’s residents could afford to buy a home.

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Pacific Union’s July Real Estate Update

August 16th, 2013   by lisasheppard

Sonoma County chart

Though median prices in many of our Bay Area markets experienced a slight midsummer cooling from June to July, homes are still in high demand, as low inventory levels and above-list sales prices attest.


The Sonoma County market is heating up in more ways than one.

Median home prices in Sonoma County reached yearly highs of $480,000, up 27 percent from July 2012. Sonoma County home prices have been steadily rising for the past three months.

MSI tied its yearly low of 1.7. And sellers received 98 percent of their asking prices, the second-highest number since July 2012.

Houses stayed on the market for an of average 72 days, 10 days longer than in June but almost a month less than this time last year.

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Real Estate Roundup: Home Prices Show Largest Yearly Increases Since 2005

August 15th, 2013   by lisasheppard

Money painted on a fence

Median home prices rose 12.2% in major metropolitan areas, the largest increase since 2005.  Mortgage delinquency rates declined in the 2nd quarter, marking the 3rd quarter in a row with improvement.   Home values are expected to spike 7% by year’s end, and list prices dropped in July by only .3% from June.

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The Bay Area’s Hottest Real Estate Markets

August 14th, 2013   by lisasheppard


Over the past year, Bay Area homes have become an extremely valuable commodity, as buyers grapple not only with rising prices but also slim supply. For the period ending July 2013, the average months’ supply of inventory (MSI) for single-family homes across Pacific Union’s six-county Bay Area region was 1.6, meaning that there were only enough available homes to supply the market’s demand for slightly longer than six weeks.

Considering that an MSI of 5.0 – which translates to five months – is generally considered the sign of a balanced market, it’s safe to say we’re in the midst of a boom.

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