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Archive for February 2013

California Housing Shortage Holds Back Sales

February 28th, 2013   by lisasheppard

Crowded homes in San Francisco

Between January 2012 and January 2013, San Francisco home sales jumped 31.1 percent, a marked departure from the statewide norm.

A typical seasonal slowdown coupled with an exceptionally tight supply of available homes for sale held back California’s housing market at the start of 2013.

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Real Estate Roundup: 2 Million Homes No Longer Underwater; Billions in Mortgage Aid

February 26th, 2013   by lisasheppard

Photo of homes underwater

Fewer homes are underwater as prices continue to rise.

Recent news of interest to homebuyers, home sellers, and the home-curious: Rising home prices have helped lift almost 2 million homeowners out from being underwater. Also: California homeowners have received $16.9 billion in mortgage aid from banks.

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Latest Forecasts See Strong U.S., Bay Area Housing Markets in 2013

February 25th, 2013   by lisasheppard

Homs in Bernal Heights

Real estate activity shows no sign of slowing in the Bay Area.

Two new reports paint a promising picture of real estate activity in the Bay Area and the nation in 2013.

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Planning an Open House? The Right Scent May Help You Sell Your Home

February 22nd, 2013   by lisasheppard

Photo of sliced oranges

Simple aromas, such as an orange, can help sell your home.

Conventional wisdom says the smell of fresh-baked cookies can make a home more appealing to buyers, but recent research says no. Simple scents are more effective.

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Pacific Union’s Monthly Real Estate Update

February 21st, 2013   by lisasheppard

Sonoma County January 2013 market update

Home sales typically slow during the winter months, but Pacific Union’s real estate markets in the Bay Area and Tahoe/Truckee have stayed busy through January (and on into February), with buyers eager to make purchase offers even as the inventory of available homes remained exceptionally tight.

All of our regions reported strong sales activity in January as measured by the percentage of homes in contract.

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Busy Season for California Homebuyers Is Just Ahead — Are You Ready?

February 19th, 2013   by lisasheppard

Sausalito hills

Homebuyers will be out in force soon across the Bay Area.

Springtime is just around the corner, and that means a whole new crop of prospective homebuyers will soon emerge in towns and neighborhoods across the Bay Area in search of the home of their dreams.  Are you ready?

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Real Estate Roundup: Home Prices Rise 28%; Bay Area Households Among Wealthiest

February 18th, 2013   by lisasheppard

Photo of Monopoly toy houses

Recent news of interest to homebuyers, home sellers, and the home-curious: Bay Area home prices jumped 28.3 percent over the past year, the third-highest price increase in the nation. Also: A recent survey says 13 percent of Bay Area households rank among the wealthiest in the United States, and another one says Californians have the nation’s highest median credit score.

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Sales of $1 Million-Plus Homes Multiply Across Bay Area and California

February 13th, 2013   by lisasheppard

2901 Broadway in San Francisco

The number of Bay Area homes selling for $1 million and higher skyrocketed last year, a clear sign of the region’s strong economy as well as its bright prospects for 2013.  Sales of homes over $1 million have gone up 39 percent since 2011.

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Real Estate Roundup: All-Cash Purchases Set Record; Refinancing Pays Off Big

February 12th, 2013   by lisasheppard


Pile of hundred-dollar bills

California homes priced at $1 million or more are selling at their fastest pace in years, and mortgage rates are one the rise. Catch up on the week’s headlines with Pacific Union’s Real Estate Roundup.

To read the full report, Click Here.

Bad Neighbors Can Lower Property Values

February 8th, 2013   by lisasheppard

Overgrown lot

An overgrown yard may be more than an eyesore.

When you’re checking out a home for sale, check out your potential new neighbors, too. Bad neighbors can lower a home’s value as much as any physical defect, according to the Appraisal Institute.

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