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Archive for May 2016

5 Things To Know Before Buying a Historic Home

May 31st, 2016   by lisasheppard

Tudor Home

Here in Santa Rosa, we have several historical districts with beautiful homes available for purchase.  If you’re thinking of purchasing a historical home, you’ll need to keep several things in mind.

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Bay Area Median Home Prices Hit All-Time High

May 24th, 2016   by lisasheppard

It took almost nine years, but Bay Area home prices have climbed to a new high. The median price paid for homes sold in the nine-county region hit a new record in April. In Sonoma County, the median home price is now $569,500, only 8 percent below the county’s record high of $619,000 set in August 2005.

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Strong Housing Market Helps Reduce Lingering Foreclosure Inventory

May 19th, 2016   by lisasheppard

Boarded up blight house

Strong home buyer demand is responsible for the drop in foreclosure inventory over the last 12 months.

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California Housing Becomes More Affordable

May 11th, 2016   by lisasheppard


Home affordability improved during the first quarter of 2016 in the Golden State, with eight of the nine Bay Area counties having a 4% improvement in the median home price.

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When is Opening a HELOC the Right Move?

May 10th, 2016   by lisasheppard

Mortgage concept by money house from the coins

Home values have been rising, and home owners are once again building equity in their homes.  HELOCs are making a comeback because of this, but how do you know when a HELOC is right for you?

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Freeway Views are Hot: Homeowners Cozy Up to Urban Eyesores

May 4th, 2016   by lisasheppard

What used to be considered an unfortunate and undesirable living areas near highways, train tracks and other urban eyesores is now hot due to the rising popularity of urban living across the country, increasing home prices, and a shortage of available land in more desirable areas.

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