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Tips for Hosting Holiday Guests

lisasheppard | December 2, 2022

The holiday season is upon us, and for many that means hosting out-of-town family members and friends. With a little planning and prepping, you can make your guests feel welcome and their stay more enjoyable:

Prepare the Guest Bedroom/Space – change out the bedding and provide plenty of warm blankets and pillows. Add a few personal and festive touches such as festive holiday decor and candles, and a guest basket full of bath salts, candles and loofah, or a goodie basket full of holiday treats. Leave a nice welcome note, as well as WiFi info and a charging station/area. Free up some closet space for them to stash their belongings. Some fresh flowers or a festive holiday arrangement will add a touch of warmth, and don’t forget to leave a water pitches and glass, or water bottles so that your guests don’t have to wander around to find water later in the evening.

Prepare the Guest Bathroom – clean the bathroom thoroughly and wash all bathmats, rugs and towels. Lay out clean towels and washcloths, and stock plenty of toilet paper and tissue, cotton swabs, and other useful items. A basket full of shampoo, conditioner, bath gel/soap is a helpful so that guests can find necessities all in one place.

Kitchen Prep – clean out the fridge and leave space for your guest’s items. If you have room, set up a coffee/tea station with cups and coffee pods, as well as a snack bar with a few grab-and-go snacks and treats. Stock up on your guest’s favorite drinks (sodas, waters, sparkling waters, juices, etc.).

Cook Ahead – prepare several foods or simple meals in advance, such as soups and casseroles, so that you are prepared for last-minute meals.

Set the Mood – clean the areas where you will be entertaining and put out holiday decor to create a festive ambience.

Entertainment & Activities – prepare a list of several activities you and your guests can enjoy, or places your guest(s) can explore on their own. Plan a fun outing such as a holiday craft fair, movie night, wine tasting, or hiking as well as some festive indoor activities such as game night, holiday movie night with popcorn, or cookie baking/decorating.

Don’t Forget About the Pets – if your guests are bringing pets, provide a space for a crate or bed in the guest room, as well as an area for the water and food bowls. Let the guest know where the pet can be let out and good walking trails or areas to walk the dog(s).

Above all else, take some time for yourself…breathe, relax and enjoy your guests. Reduce your stress by planning ahead, asking for help, and avoid overscheduling yourself or your guests. If you are relaxed, your guests will be relaxed!

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