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Sonoma County Luxury Homes Sales to Get Boost from Tech Money

lisasheppard | June 9, 2019

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Luxury homes and estates in Sonoma County are poised for buyers from San Francisco or Silicon Valley…buyers looking for a second home or vacation home who are seeing the perfect Wine Country residence.

The latest wave of Bay Area tech companies that have started up or are expected to go public this year equates to the potential for thousands of new millionaires looking for high-end luxury estates.  According to date scientist Deniz Kahramaner, wealth from tech companies typically takes a year to two years which is when you can expect to see more tech money being pumped into the housing market.

While the expectation is that the majority of workers will likely remain close to San Francisco or Silicon Valley, many companies are now affording employees the opportunity to work from home.  The influx of money and demand on the Bay Area housing market will continue to fuel long-term price increases. People gradually move out to more affordable areas where they can get more for their money.

Sonoma County is the ideal location for many of these luxury buyers looking for the wine country lifestyle.


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