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Most Important Features for Homebuyers

lisasheppard | August 13, 2020

9 Home Features Your Buyers Don't Know They Need | Builder Magazine

Today’s homebuyers are sizing up a home for its curb appeal and interior space/layout. Certain features are considered more important and desirable than others.  In addition to home office space, now in large demand due to the pandemic and more working from home, homebuyers also rated the following features at the top of their list.

For interior features, the layout of the home is the most important feature, followed by storage space, flooring, a well appointed master suite, modern kitchen appliances, a walk-in pantry and laundry room. Buyers are also looking for an energy-efficient home (appliances and windows).

For exterior features, homebuyers ranked windows at the top of the list, followed by the number and size of windows, a porch or patio, a large garage and exterior lighting.