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California Housing Becomes More Affordable

lisasheppard | May 11, 2016
Home affordability improved during the first quarter of 2016 in the Golden State, with eight of the nine Bay Area counties having a 4% improvement in the median home price. To read more, Click Here.

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Freeway Views are Hot: Homeowners Cozy Up to Urban Eyesores

lisasheppard | May 4, 2016
What used to be considered an unfortunate and undesirable living areas near highways, train tracks and other urban eyesores is now hot due to the rising popularity of urban living across the country, increasing home prices, and a shortage o...

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Sonoma County Foreclosures Continue to Drop

lisasheppard | April 19, 2016
More great news for the Sonoma County housing market.  Foreclosures are continuing to decline in Sonoma County, with the number of homes sold in an auction dropping 29% last quarter from a year earlier. To read more, Click Here.

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Sonoma County Housing Market Off to a Slow Start This Year

lisasheppard | March 18, 2016
Sonoma County’s housing market is off to another slow start this year. Buyers have purchased 504 homes, which represents a 6% increase from last year but is still the second-slowest start since 2008. Inventory continues to be an issue,...

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Sonoma County Median Home Price Hits $555,000

lisasheppard | February 18, 2016
Sonoma County’s median home price hit $555,000 in January 2016, the highest price since 2006.  This represents a nearly 16 percent increase from a year earlier and is the highest for any month since March 2007, when it ...

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FHA Loans Jump in Popularity in Sonoma County

lisasheppard | January 14, 2016
As rent prices continue to increase in Sonoma County, potential home buyers are finding that it's much cheaper to purchase a home than to rent and are once again turning to FHA loans to purchase homes. To read more, Click Here.

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