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Sonoma County Home Sales Down 10%

lisasheppard | November 18, 2016
Single-family homes have decreased by 10% in October from the same period last year in Sonoma County’s with the continuing inventory shortage, especially among houses priced $500,000 or less. A total of 389 single-family homes sold in ...

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Sonoma County Housing Market has Slowest Summer in Five Years

lisasheppard | September 14, 2016
The summer housing market tends to be a bustling and robust market, with sales reaching their peak for the year.  This summer, Sonoma County market experienced one it's slowest seasons in the last five years, with only 1,384 single-family ...

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Sonoma County’s Housing Market Slowed in July

lisasheppard | August 24, 2016
Sonoma County home sales were a bit sluggish last month and declined 17% from a year earlier, with buyers purchasing a total of 450 homes, the lowest number in five years.   Add to that, the number of new listings hitting the market decli...

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Sonoma County Home Prices Up 9.5% in May, CoreLogic Reports

lisasheppard | July 13, 2016
Sonoma County home prices jumped another 9.5% from last year, which was significantly higher than both the 5.95 jump in home prices for the nation and the 6.3% increase for California home prices. This is great news for homeowners looking t...

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Sonoma County Condo Listings, Prices Rise

lisasheppard | July 8, 2016
New listings of condos have increased 8 percent this year and are at their highest level since 2011.  Median prices are now at $324,000, which represents a 4% increase from last year. With ever increasing home prices in Sonoma County, ...

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Sonoma County Housing Ranks 10th Least Affordable

lisasheppard | July 6, 2016
Sonoma County has ranked the 10th least affordable county in the nation when it comes to home prices. This does not come as a surprise to the many families living in the county, as well as those that are trying to buy a home in Sonoma Co...

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5 Things To Know Before Buying a Historic Home

lisasheppard | May 31, 2016
Here in Santa Rosa, we have several historical districts with beautiful homes available for purchase.  If you're thinking of purchasing a historical home, you'll need to keep several things in mind. To read more, Click Here.

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Bay Area Median Home Prices Hit All-Time High

lisasheppard | May 24, 2016
It took almost nine years, but Bay Area home prices have climbed to a new high. The median price paid for homes sold in the nine-county region hit a new record in April. In Sonoma County, the median home price is now $569,500, only 8 percen...

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