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Archive for January 9, 2012

When the Prophet Says Buy – BUY!

lisasheppard | January 9, 2012
John R. Talbott, previously a Goldman Sachs investment banker, is a bestselling author and economic consultant. When it comes to the housing market he is also a prophet. When housing prices started to skyrocket in 2003, he published The Coming ...

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Mortgage Predictions for 2012

lisasheppard | January 5, 2012
It’s the time of year that we look ahead and attempt to give our best guesses about the market, the industry, and the effects they may have. So, here are my thoughts about the mortgage world: Interest Rates Should Be Stable With a faltering e...

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Comparing Real Estate To Other Investments

lisasheppard | January 4, 2012
We recently posted Real Estate: Today’s Golden Opportunity comparing the current housing market to the market for gold about a decade ago. Some commented on the fact that you can’t compare gold to real estate as an investment as gold is a v...

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4 Real Estate Trends to Look For in 2012

lisasheppard | January 3, 2012
Predicting trends during the most volatile housing market in American real estate history is no easy task. We strongly believe these are the five real estate items we should keep an eye on in 2012: 1. Buyers Will Return In 2011, a lack of consu...

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5 Top Real Estate Stories in 2011

lisasheppard | January 2, 2012
In 2011, we experienced one of the most volatile housing markets in American real estate history. Things we never anticipated happened. Events we were sure would take place didn’t. Today, we want to review the five headlines we think had the ...

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